Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Marine Raiders

I picked up a couple of packs of Brigade Games WW2 USMC raiders from North Star Figures some time ago when they were blowing them out. I figured I can always make use of special forces types – if not in a more conventional war game, surely in some smaller scale skirmish or role-playing game (possibly involving over-the-top pulp adventure or otherworldly baddies). I’d need a few more riflemen to make a smallish force to take on my Japanese.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Marine raiders from Brigade Games.

I suppose if I had six more riflemen I could do a small force with a small head quarters of two, and three squads of 6 men… but for now this force is as complete as I need it to be and I have no desire to go tracking down more marines for it at present…

Headquarters – Lieutenant and Sergeant

First team

Second team

Third team

Actually now that I think about it, it may have been two packs of 4 marine raiders and a pack of 6 marines with BARs and Rifles...?

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Japanese...? Probably...? Or maybe French...

Saturday, March 21, 2015


After cranking out all those Japanese I thought I’d best get started on some opposing forces before I did any more. (Also I was waiting for a few more Japanese and French before I finished off those forces – which arrived yesterday afternoon).

This is pretty much all the Chindits I have at the moment – I do still have a second Vickers team (not sure how I ended up with that!?), a chap leading a mule, and a couple of Burmese scouts. I guess it isn’t much of a “force” – at least not for Bolt Action.

I think I bought a starter box and the two Vickers teams a couple years back…? I’ll likely pick up another ten-man section – which will give me about 21 riflemen - which I could split up into a platoon of three sections of seven… THAT will be a bit more of a force to reckon with! 

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

The force so far (all the figures are from Bolt Action Miniatures/Warlord Games)

A small command element

Medic with wounded

Rifle section

Vickers MG team

2” Mortar team

If some of the pictures above look like there's snow on the bases and the game board I use as a backdrop... that's because it was SNOWING this afternoon!?

March started out with -40°C weather... within a week it was above freezing and almost all of the snow melted... now, on the first day of spring, it's snowing again... ugh.. enough already! 

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An early war French infantry platoon or STILL MORE Japanese infantry – a whole SECOND (understrength) platoon! 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

MORE WW2 Japanese Infantry

On a bit of a tear here – got my eyes on the prize and not slowing down (the prize, of course, being FINISHED FORCES! HUZZAH!)

Well, maybe not really “finished” – there’s always SOMETHING I could add… More of a “finished what I have – complete, useable forces to which small additional options could be added – mostly the occasional supporting tank or some such.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Another Batch of Battle Honors Japanese. With a slight re-org and an order of another section I should end up with two platoons of three sections with about 8 men per section – one platoon being (mostly) Battle Honors, and the other platoon being mostly Warlord Games.

Here’s what the whole platoon looks like so far…

These are currently organized as two rifle squads and a grenadier squad (with THREE light mortar teams!). These could be organized as later war infantry sections – each with their own light mortar team – but one section would be short an LMG team. I could order a single LMG team from Warlord Games - and probably will in the not-too-distant future (as I also need a similar team for the French to finish out that platoon…).


Rifle section #1

Rifle Section #2

Grenadier Section

Supporting Medium Mortar team (and spotter)

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The Opposing Force: Chindits! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

French and Japanese Support

A few more WW2 items rolling off the workbench; French and Japanese SNLF support weapons!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Some mortar support for my small platoon of the Japanese Special Naval Landing Force.

Figures are from Battle Honors (and are considerably smaller than the rest of the SNLF miniatures, but I figured the mortar would be deployed far enough away from any of the Infantry Sections that the difference wouldn’t be so noticeable…)

French support weapons (all from Warlord Games/Bolt Action Miniatures)

The trusty old French 75. 

State of the art in 1914, in 1939… not so much… but according to the Bolt Action rules, it seems the French get a free one with any force…!?

French Medium Mortar team

French Medium Mortar team

French MMG team

French MMG team

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More Japanese infantry.


Sunday, March 15, 2015

WW2 Japanese

 seem to be on a bit of a WW2 painting rampage. It’s largely due to the fact that it’s a bunch of small collections of different things that are closer to being finished than not (and it’s fun to be able to finish things up).

My antipathy towards playing WW2 games must be diminishing somewhat. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say I am “stoked” to play with these – I at least no longer feel a strong desire to cause grievous self-harm at the thought of playing WW2 miniature wargames.

The other day I took some pictures of some previously painted Japanese (Special Naval Landing Force) and added them to the 28mm World War Two Gallery. Last night I decided to work on a few more Japanese (and some French… but that’s for another day).

I threw The Thin Red Line on the DVD player while I was finishing up this batch last night. What a thoroughly depressing movie… I really like the movie, though. Three are some really great performances. And I love that Elias Koteas plays a character that isn’t a total psycho-nutjob (like he does in pretty much EVERY OTHER MOVIE I’VE SEEN HIM IN!?) and he totally nails it.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Two (understrength) squads for an Imperial Japanese Army platoon. The figures are all from Battle Honors.

For Bolt Action these could be two squads of seven Regulars with an LMG at 90 points each. Given the equipment I have available to paint for the IJA I will probably be fielding two undrestrength platoons – each with two regular infantry squads (as these above) and a Grenadier (or Mortar) Squad with six troopers and three Light Mortars!

Two suicidal Anti-Tank troopers – also from Battle Honors. (20 points each for regulars in Bolt Action). At the moment these are kind of useless as none of the opposing forces I have for the Japanese (US Marines, Chindits and some Aussies)  have any armoured support that these guys could blow themselves up on… Ah well…

Imperial Japanese Army casualties from West Wind Productions

Japanese Special Naval Landing Force casualties also from West Wind Productions

As I’ve been organizing these WW2 miniatures to paint I’ve discovered a few small deficiencies in a couple of the forces (mostly the Japanese and French) and so I thought I’d try and place a small order with J&M Miniatures - a webstore run out of Stratford, Ontario, Canada and operated in part by a fellow whose blog I’ve been following for a while (Rabbits in my Basement).

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More WW2 miniature painting I suppose… Possible some French…? Or more Japanese…? 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

First Special Service Forcemen and Droogies

A few more odd and sundry items rolling off the workbench.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

These are some support weapons I converted for my First Special Service Force platoon. The figures were American paratroopers from Artizan Designs - so they were a pretty good match for the First Special Service Force figures (which are also from Artizan). I do hope Artizan will produce a pack of troopers with the Johnson LMG (which Nick at North Star Figures had indicated were in the works) at which point I will pick up those and a few more packs for riflemen and some of the other “character” packs and finish up the platoon. I converted these as I have a feeling that, considering how long it’s taken to get that last pack of Johnson gunners out, they will likely never get around to producing aupport elements such as these.

The .30 Cal MG team

Another shot of the .30 Cal MG team so you can see some of the conversion work – mostly I tried to modify the jackets to look more like the FSSF parkas and rounded the edges of the pant cargo pockets to look more like the Mountain Trousers of the FSSF than the Jump trousers of the paratroopers.

60mm Mortar team I left a few in the Jump Jackets – as some members of the force seem to have been issued with them - (mostly on the ones where carving off the pockets would be problematic) and gave them the force shoulder patch.

Bazooka Team #1 in Parkas

Pazooka Team #2 in Jump Jackets and Mountain Trousers.

Alex, Pete, Georgie, and Dim heading on over to the Korova Milkbar where they will try  to make up their rassoodocks what to do with the evening. Figures from Crooked Dice.

I have no idea when or where I shall use these... Like so many of my miniature purchases - it just seemed like a good idea at the time. 

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

WW2 Odd and Extra Bits

We finished up Game of Thrones Season Four last night, but I actually ended up WATCHING the last two episodes, so I didn’t get much painting done…

I think I’ll listen to some of the commentaries over the next few evenings before I have to return it to the library. I always get lots of painting done while listening to commentaries.

In the meantime…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Commando Command Team which I could use as an alternate Troop Command for my Commando Troop or, more likely, I will use them as Forward observers for directing naval gunfire at targets inland.

The figures are from Artizan Designs

A German Signaller and Medic. Figures from Warlord Games

A highlander armed with a Thompson SMG. The figure is from The figures are from Artizan Designs Thrilling Tales range.

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I recently picked up some Artizan Designs US Paratrooper Support weaons (Mortar, .30 Cal. MGs, Bazookas) that I’ve been trying to convert to look like members of the First Special Service Force – even if they DO release the Johnson LMG packs I need to finish the force, I highly doubt they’ll ever make support weapons for their small “Devil’s Brigade” range.