28mm English Civil War Gallery

English Civil War stuff will go here... I have some on multi-figure bases for fighting big battles using the DBA Extension for 1500 – 1900AD or Neil Thomas' One-Hour Wargames. Othe figures are based individually for skirmish gaming - originally I planned to use them with Once Upon a Time in the West Country, later I might have used them with Savage worlds, if I get them on the table again it will probably be using Flashing Steel.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

English Royalist/Parliamentarian

Big Battle Elements

The Royalist forces so far (really I've tried to make these generic enough that they could be passed off as either... but I nominally thought of them as royalist as I painted them) ...

The Cuirassiers and the Regiment of foote in orange are from Old Glory. The regiment in red are some figures I modelled and cast myself... but I seem to have lost the mould and masters!?

Here's what a Regiment of Foote looks like - two stands of pike and two stands of musket.

Another Regiment of Foote. Figures from Old Glory.

Three elements (or one unit) of Cuirassiers from Old Glory.

English Civil War gun and crew - The crew is from the Assault Group, I'm not sure about the gun.

Skirmishing Englishmen

General from Wargames Foundry. I painted this figure over 25 years ago. I've rebased him a number of times, but can't be bothered to repaint...

Dismounted Cuirassiers - also from Wargames Foundry. (Also painted over 25 years ago!)

Another (more recently painted) Cuirassier... I think from Dixon Miniatures...?

Dismouted Heavy Cavalry - also from Wargames Foundry. (Also painted over 25 years ago!)

Another dismounted Cavalryman - this one is from Dixon Miniatures

Some more recently painted Musketeers from  Old Glory.

English Petard Storming party from Warlord Games  – there was actually an additional figure in the set but when he arrived his spabbard was broken off and I haven’t gotten to manufacturing a new one…

Light Cavalry - also from  Old Glory.

A casualty marker.

Scots Covanenteers

The force so far...

Still have another Regiment of Foote to finish up and perhaps need some heavier cavalry. (click on the picture for a slightly bigger version).

The three Regiments of Foote together in a brigade.

One Regiment of Foote (from Wargames Foundry) and some "Mossers"(from  Old Glory).

A second Regiment of Foote - from Renegade Miniatures

The Third Regiment of Foote - also from Renegade Miniatures.

Scots Horse - three elements of Cavalry or a single unit for big battalion battles. The figures are also from Old Glory Miniatures - with the exception of one fellow in the middle of the centre element – he’s from Dixon Miniatures.

Scots Frame Gun from Warlord Games

Skirmishing Scots

These are all the individually based figures I have for skirmish gaming. These are mostly from the Assault Group, but there are a few others in there from Dixon Miniatures and Renegade Miniatures.

Command figures from the Assault Group.

Pike from the Assault Group.

Shot from the Assault Group.

Dismounted Scots Cavalrymen from Dixon Miniatures.

I also have some Highlanders...


Clubmen from Warlord GamesThese would be villagers who volunteered to defend their village against raiders – from either side – looking for “contributions” for their respective armies.

More Clubmen from Warlord Games.

Marksman - also from Warlord Games.

Actually he may have been listed as a "sapper"... again with the Wargames Foundry figures painted over 25 years ago!

Preacher from from Dixon Miniatures...? (I think?) I'm not sure if  he's supposed to be waving his hand about in the sign of the cross or giving some sort of blessing or if he was meant to be standing in a second rank with his hand on someones shoulder going them support and encouragement (from behind).


  1. Absolutely fantastic collection. Very jealous!

    1. Thanks, Mike! I hope these guys will soon be seeing action again in the new year when Pikeman's Lament is released.